At Western Water Assessment, we communicate the results of our research and provide other climate-related information through several types of publications. Peer-reviewed scientific journals are an important outlet for sharing our new work with our research colleagues and with stakeholders. We have also produced a number of WWA reports and white papers that describe individual projects or synthesize broader sets of research findings. In addition to these avenues, our research has been published in book chapters, special reports released by other organizations, and in conference proceedings. As part of our Intermountain West Climate Summary climate digest, since 2005 we have published several dozen short articles on WWA research, relevant research projects led by others, and climate information resources.


  • Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
    Barrett, A. P., R. Viger, G.H. Leavesley, A.W. Nolin, and M.P. Clark (2001). A Comparison of Satellite and Model Derived Snow Covered Area for a Mountain Watershed. Remote Sensing and Hydrology.   
  • Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
    Clark, M. P., M.C. Serreze, and G. J. McCabe (2001). The Historical Effect of El Nino and La Nina Events on the Seasonal Evolution of the Montane Snowpack in the Columbia and Colorado River Basins. Water Resources Research, 37: 741-756.   
  • Clark, M., L. Hay, G. McCabe, M. Leavesley, M. Serreze, and R. Wilby (2001). The Use of Weather and Climate Information in Management of Water Resources in the Western United States. Plenary Paper for the Special Conference on Climate Variability and Water Resources.   
  • Reports, Syntheses, and Assessments
    Nichols, P. D., M. K. Murphy, and D. S. Kenney (2001). Water and Growth in Colorado: A Review of Legal and Policy Issues. Boulder, Colorado, Natural Resources Law Center, University of Colorado School of Law.   
  • Ray, A., and R. Webb (2001). Demand-side perspective on climate services for reservoir management. Proceedings of the 25th Climate Diagnostics & Prediction Workshop, October 2000.   


  • Clark, M., and L. Hay (2000). Use of Atmospheric Forecasts in Hydrologic Models. Part One: Errors in Output from the NCEP Atmospheric Forecast Model. Proceedings, American Water Resources Association's Spring Specialty Conference, Water Resources in Extreme Environments, Anchorage, AK.   
  • Hay, L., Clark, M., and G. Leavesley (2000). Short-term Streamflow Forecasts Using Global-Scale Atmospheric Forecast Models. Proceedings, International Conference on Alpine Meteorology, Innsbruck, Austria.   
  • Hay, L., Clark, M., and G., Leavesley (2000). Use of Atmospheric Forecasts in Hydrologic Models. Part Two: Case study. Proceedings, American Water Resources Association's Spring Specialty Conference, Water resources in Extreme Environments, Anchorage, AK.   
  • Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
    Pielke, Jr., R., R. Klein, and D. Sarewitz (2000). Turning the Big Knob: An Evaluation of the Use of Energy Policy to Modulate Future Climate Impacts. Energy and Environment, 11: 255-276.   
  • Peer-Reviewed Journal Article
    Wilby, R., L. Hay, W. Gutowski. R. Arritt, E. Takle, Z. Pan, G. Leavesley, and M. Clark (2000). Hydrologic Responses to Dynamically and Statistically Downscaled General Circulation Model Output. Geophysical Research Letters, 27(8): 1199-1202.   

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