Utah Hazard Planning Dashboard

The Utah Hazard Planning Dashboard is a compilation of online, interactive information tools, maps, and graphics about natural hazards in Utah. The dashboard was developed with input from local and state hazard planners and providers of hazard information to provide users with the best available information about the historical incidence of natural hazards, current hazard risks and information about the future occurrence of hazards.

To access a hazard information tool, click on the name of the tool. A description of the information available in each tool and instructions to use the tool are available by clicking the question mark icon. Most infographics on the dashboard are static images that provide an example of the information available. Some infographics provide real-time hazard information. Each infographic can be enlarged by clicking on the image.

The Utah Hazard Planning Tool was developed by Western Water Assessment in collaboration with the Southern Climate Impacts Planning Program (SCIPP, www.southernclimate.org). This tool was modeled after The Simple Planning Tool for Oklahoma Climate Hazards which was produced by SCIPP in 2019. The Utah Hazard Planning Tool is available in a report format here.


Utah Avalanche Forecast

( Daily, November-April) )

Cold Temperature Extremes

Dam failure

Debris Flow


Historical Utah Drought

( 0 BCE - 2022 )

Historical Precipitation

( 1895-2022 )

Extreme Heat

Heavy Rainfall and Flooding

Utah Flash Flood Warnings

( Daily, June-October )

Storm Intensity Projections

( 2035 and 2060 )



Wind Events

Winter Storms

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