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Decision Support Tools

WWA has helped develop online tools and training materials to support decision making related to climate risk in the Intermountain West.

Front Range Rain Event and Floods

Weather and climate related to the devastating floods of September 2013.

Stakeholder Climate Needs Document List

The Stakeholder Climate Needs Document List provides various reports, workshop summaries, presentations, white papers and other publications related to stakeholders climate related needs in the WWA region (Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming). Documents emerged from several sectors in the region, including water management, recreation/tourism, agriculture, natural resources/wildlife, and tribal concerns. Some documents were general and covered more than one sector; these were classified as representing "multiple" sectors.

Beetles, Water & Climate

A multi-purpose web resource intended for researchers, forest managers, water managers, public officials, and other professionals who are investigating and responding to impacts of the Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) infestation and other bark beetle infestations in the mid-Rocky Mountain region (Colorado, Wyoming, Utah). BWC is part of a WWA-funded project, "Forests, Climate, and Change".

Stormwater Management

R code scripts and test-bed data for simulating culvert failure and replacement in a changing climate.

Archives of the Intermountain West Climate Summary

View and download past IWCS Issues in full PDF format.


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