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    Jeff Lukas

    For over 20 years, Jeff Lukas has worked with water resource managers and other decision-makers in the West to help them understand, quantify, and prepare for climate risks.

    He has been involved with Western Water Assessment since 2004: first, as a funded investigator (tree-ring paleohydrology) for five years, then as full-time research and program staff for eleven years, and since Fall 2020 as an affiliate, as he continues his climate-service efforts under the banner of Lukas Climate Research and Consulting. 

    Jeff was the lead author of the 2014 WWA report Climate Change in Colorado, and was the co-lead, with Liz Payton, of the 2020 WWA report Colorado River Basin Climate and Hydrology: State of the Science. He is currently co-developing a Colorado River Science Wiki ( to help make the science relevant to basin resource management more accessible to decision makers, and is also developing a users' guide to climate-change web portals and related resources.


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