Exploring Regional Climate Service Collaborations


Start Date

Primary Investigators
J. Morisette (NC CASC)
D. Ojima (NC CASC)
L. Joyce (USDA Northern Plains Regional Hub)
J. Derner (USDA Northern Plains Regional Hub)

One challenge, and opportunity, facing WWA and the RISA program is the increasing interest in delivering climate services by Federal agencies other than NOAA. While the increased investment is encouraging, it creates some challenges, and questions emerging from leadership in the Executive Branch seeking definition of these different entities. Thus far, there has been difficulty addressing this question because of the highly adaptive nature of regional climate services. WWA, and others, are faced with navigating the field of federal authorizations, regional priorities, scientific expertise, budgets, and scientific expertise on the teams leading separate Federally funded climate service efforts. However, these challenging circumstances have given rise to success stories that highlight why climate services should be conceived, developed and focused on regional priorities. WWA is collaborating with the leaders of the North Central Climate Science Center and the new Northern Plains USDA Hub to craft a paper outlining how collaboration among these entities has worked in the past, how it is working now, and how future partnerships will work. The paper will demonstrate how the allowance of an adaptive framework is an important mechanism for ensuring the most efficient synergies among these entities as they strive to collaborate with decisionmakers.


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