Snowpack monitoring for streamflow forecasting and drought planning - WY

Snowpack monitoring for streamflow forecasting and drought planning - WY

Snowpack monitoring for streamflow forecasting and drought planning - WY thumbnail
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The University of Colorado Western Water Assessment (WWA), the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office (SEO), the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS), the Wyoming Water Association, and the University of Wyoming Water Resources Data System (WRDS) convened a one-day workshop focused on improving the usability of snowpack monitoring information for runoff forecasting, drought early warning and planning, and other applications. [Lander, Wyoming]

About 50 water managers, forecasters, researchers, and others who rely on snow-monitoring products and/or runoff forecasts participated in the workshop.

Participant List

Handout: MODIS real-time SWE report for the Intermountain West


Workshop Presentations

Final Agenda

The presentation titles are linked to the PDF.

Objectives and overview of the day - Jeff Lukas (WWA)

Results of pre-workshop survey - Elizabeth McNie (WWA)

The National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) - Chad McNutt (NIDIS)

The Upper Colorado River Basin Drought Early Warning System - Nolan Doesken (Colorado Climate Center

Measuring and modeling our snow-water resource - Jeff Deems and Noah Molotch (WWA and U. of Colorado)

Wyoming Cooperative Snow Survey Program - Lee Hackleman (WY NRCS) and Brian Domonkos (CO NRCS)

Snow-related measurements in operational streamflow forecasting at NOAA/CBRFC - Stacie Bender (CBRFC)

MODIS-based, real-time SWE product - Noah Molotch (WWA and U. of Colorado)

NASA Airborne Snow Observatory (ASO) - Jeff Deems (WWA and U. of Colorado).

Wyoming: Airborne Snow Observatory and Ground Penetrating Radar - Matt Hoobler (WY SEO)

Information Resources

We've put together a set of links to online resources for Wyoming snow monitoring, drought early warning, and runoff forecasts.

Similar snow-monitoring workshops were held in West Jordan, Utah (August 11) and in Broomfield, Colorado (September 9). Please contact Jeff Lukas with any questions about these workshops.

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