At Western Water Assessment, we communicate the results of our research and provide other climate-related information through several types of publications. Peer-reviewed scientific journals are an important outlet for sharing our new work with our research colleagues and with stakeholders. We have also produced a number of WWA reports and white papers which report on one project, or synthesize a broader set research findings. Our research has also been conveyed in book chapters, special reports released by other organizations, and in conference proceedings. As part of our Intermountain West Climate Summary climate digest, since 2005 we have published several dozen short articles on WWA research, relevant research projects led by others, and climate information resources.

WWA Publications

All WWA Publications

A list of all WWA publications, including peer-reviewed journal articles, from 2000 to present.

WWA Reports

This page lists all WWA reports and white papers, with links to PDFs of the documents.

WWA Annual Reports

This page lists all WWA Annual reports from 2006 - 2020.

Intermountain West Climate Summary - Articles

The IWCS Archives page has links to PDFS all of the Feature and Focus articles.

Stakeholder Climate Needs Document List

The Stakeholder Climate Needs Document List provides various reports, workshop summaries, presentations, white papers and other publications related to stakeholders climate related needs in the WWA region (Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming).