Climate Change Preparedness Among Tribal Communities in the American West


Start Date

Primary Investigators
Karen Cozzetto
Other Investigators
Julie Nania
Julie Teel Simmonds
Southern Ute Tribe
Navajo Nation

Many tribes in the Southwest face pressing challenges that would be exacerbated by a warming climate, including persistent drought and land-cover change, while socioeconomic and historical factors may limit their adaptive capacity. This project seeks to understand tribal efforts towards climate adaptation while bringing university-based resources to bear on those efforts. Completed work includes the “Native Communities and Climate Change” database available at tribesandclimatechange .org and a culturally appropriate Tribal Energy Action and Climate Change Adaptation Reports in consultation with the Southern Ute Tribe and Navajo Nation in the Southwest. Ongoing work includes the development of relationships with tribal managers interested in drought mitigation, water conservation planning, or climate change information. The project will be completed in 2012 with a report on 1) how to transition knowledge and lessons learned to service partners and 2) the appropriate role of RISAs in addressing tribal issues within the region.

Technical Review of the Navajo Nation Drought Contingency Plan – Drought Monitoring

4th Annual Navajo Nation Agricultural Conference (April 25, 2013)

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