Climate adaptation for Western National Forests


Start Date

Primary Investigators
Other Investigators
Jeff Lukas
Linda Joyce (USDA Forest Service)

Geographic Region

As part of a broader US Forest Service effort entitled “A Toolkit for Adapting to Climate Change on Western National Forests: Incorporating Climate into Resource Management and Planning,” WWA’s Rice has been worked with others at the Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Research Station in Fort Collins, CO on a pilot climate vulnerability assessment for the Shoshone National Forest. In 2011, Rice completed a Forest Service General Technical Report entitled “Climate Change on the Shoshone National Forest, Wyoming: A Synthesis of Past Climate, Climate Projections, and Ecosystem Implications,” which synthesizing current scientific information about climate and its effects on ecosystem components of the Shoshone NF. Additional funding provided in 2012 will be used for completion and review of the climate vulnerability assessment and publication of technical reports on vulnerability assessment of vegetation, water availability, and coldwater fish habitat.

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