Skye Niles

  • Skye Niles

    Postdoctoral Researcher

    Skye Niles joined Western Water Assessment as a postdoctoral social science researcher in 2024. Skye is focusing on how to reduce risk and improve resilience to climate hazards in mobile home park communities, with an emphasis on how researchers can work with frontline communities to better understand and address adaptation concerns. Skye specializes in environmental justice research and qualitative research methods. Prior to joining WWA, Skye participated in a variety of interdisciplinary research projects centered on how environmental hazards and inequalities are produced and challenged, including research on the intersections between environmental inequalities and prisons, and how community engagement improved health care response following Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Skye completed her undergraduate degree in Social Welfare at the University of California Berkeley and her Masters and PhD in Sociology at the University of Colorado Boulder.

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