Roger Kjelgren

  • Utah State University

    Roger Kjelgren

    Dr. Roger Kjelgren is a tree physiologist spanning urban horticulture, forestry, and agriculture. After undergraduate and master’s degrees in soil science from Washington and Oregon state universities, he completed his Ph.D. at the University of Washington in forestry, worked at Southern Illinois University for several years before joining Utah State University. His assignment at Utah State University has revolved around teaching and research regarding efficient water management for a range of plant types and situations, primarily for irrigated urban landscapes. From this evolved a cross-disciplinary effort developing quantitative GIS tools for urban water agencies to mine their data for capacity to conserve. From a supply angle, he coordinates a cross-disciplinary dendrochronology team to reconstruct paleo hydroclimate in the interior West with a focus on delineating rhythmic wet/dry cycles that interact with downscaled climate change scenarios. Professor Kjelgren served a Fulbright fellowship in Thailand that led to developing academic relationships with partner Thai and Chinese universities, promoting study abroad opportunities for undergraduate students in agriculture and natural resources, and collaborative research efforts.


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  • Welsh, A. P., C. M. U. Neale, J. Endter-Wada, and R. K. Kjelgren (2012). Custom software application for analyzing urban landscape water use. Remote Sensing and Hydrology, IAHS Publ. 352.

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