Michelle Stokes

  • Michelle Stokes
    Hydrologist in Charge
    Colorado Basin River Forecast Center

    Michelle Stokes

    Board Member

    In 2006, Michelle was selected as Hydrologist in Charge at the Colorado Basin River Forecast Center. Prior to this position, she served in a range of positions within the National Weather Service, including Deputy Chief of Climate and Hydrologic Services Division at the Western Region Headquarters, Hydrologist at the Northwest River Forecast Center in Portland, OR, and Meteorologist Intern at the Weather Forecast Office in Phoenix, AZ. Michelle currently serves as co-lead for the NOAA Western Region Collaboration Team, which works to address issues of regional concern through cross-NOAA and regional partner collaborations. Michelle earned her Bachelors’ degrees in mathematics and atmospheric sciences from the University of Arizona, and a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from Arizona State University. She completed the NOAA Women’s Executive Leadership Program in 1996. Michelle received the NOAA Administrator Award in 2007, and Department of Commerce Bronze medals in 2000 and 2003.

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