Jennifer Henderson

  • Assistant Professor, Geography
    Texas Tech University

    Jennifer Henderson

    Research Scientist

    Dr. Henderson works with stakeholders in the weather and climate communities to co-produce knowledge about improved communication of risk and uncertainty in predictive information contexts. Her research informs improvements in warning systems and helps stakeholders better understand vulnerabilities communities face and the opportunities they have to help build resilience. As an interdisciplinary scholar, Dr. Henderson's work draws on theories in human geography and science and technology studies to help make visible problems of environmental and social harm. She uses mixed methods (e.g. interviews, focus groups, social media analysis and surveys) and is also well versed in the facilitation of participatory workshops and community design.


  • Clifford, K. R., J. Henderson, Z. McAlear, L. Dilling, B. Duncan, S. Ehert, S. Arens, R. Page, and U. Rick. 2023. “The ‘Nuts and Bolts’ of Doing Coproduction: Exploring Implementation Decisions in Climate Adaptation Research with Stakeholders.” Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society 104 (4): E872–83.

  • Henderson, Jen, Lisa Dilling, Rebecca Morss, Olga Wilhelmi, and Ursula Rick. 2021. “‘We Got in the Pilot Program to Learn from It:’ Features of Social Learning in Drought Contexts Along the Arkansas River in Colorado.” Weather, Climate, and Society, June.

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