Court Strong

  • Court Strong
    Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
    University of Utah

    Court Strong

    Principal Investigator

    Court Strong's research group studies climate - especially processes involving the atmosphere and cryosphere (includes sea ice and snow). They analyze observational data and simulate atmosphere-cryosphere interactions using models run on powerful supercomputers. Their research is supported by the National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research, NOAA, NASA, the Global Change and Sustainability Center, and the Center for High Performance Computing.


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  • Stone, Luke, Courtenay Strong, Husile Bai, Thomas Reichler, Greg McCabe, and Paul D. Brooks. 2023. “Atlantic-Pacific Influence on Western U.S. Hydroclimate and Water Resources.” Npj Climate and Atmospheric Science 6 (1): 139.

  • Brooks, Paul D., Andrew Gelderloos, Margaret A. Wolf, Logan R. Jamison, Courtenay Strong, D. Kip Solomon, Gabriel J. Bowen, et al. 2021. “Groundwater‐Mediated Memory of Past Climate Controls Water Yield in Snowmelt‐Dominated Catchments.” Water Resources Research 57 (10).

  • Su, Juhn-Yuan, Ramesh Goel, Steven Burian, Sarah J. Hinners, Adam Kochanski, Courtenay Strong, and Michael E. Barber. 2021. “Water Quality Trading Framework with Uncertainty for River Systems Due to Climate and Population Characteristics.” Water 13 (13): 1738.

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