Snowtography Handbook

Snowtography: Snowpack & Soil Moisture Monitoring Handbook 

by Liz Payton1, Joel Biederman2, and Marcos Robles3 

Western Water Assessment, in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy and the USDA-Agricultural Research Service, has produced a snowtography handbook to support resource managers, researchers, and practitioners working in forested headwater settings where the arrangement and density of trees, or the size and severity of disturbances, affect snowpack persistence and soil moisture availability.  

The snowtography handbook guides readers through the process of establishing their own snowtography and soil moisture monitoring stations. It offers guidance on site selection, snowtography options, equipment requirements, and installation. The instructions are based on snow-forest research and hands-on experience at multiple sites in Arizona, and in the San Juan National Forest in southwestern Colorado. 

Download the handbook pdf here.

The Nature Conservancy hosts a companion webpage with additional information and examples of supplies and equipment at its website

This project was supported by a grant from the Walton Family Foundation to The Nature Conservancy. 


1 Western Water Assessment

2USDA-Agricultural Research Service 

3The Nature Conservancy 

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