Intermountain West Climate Dashboard

Providing situational awareness of climate, drought, and water resources for Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico as part of the NIDIS Intermountain West Drought Early Warning System (DEWS).


Rocky Mountains & High Plains Dashboard

The Rocky Mountain–High Plains Climate Dashboard provides an array of images for climate, drought, agricultural conditions, and water-supply monitoring that are automatically updated when the original providers update them on their respective websites. The RM-HP Dashboard is focused on these eight states: Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas.



TreeFlow is a comprehensive web resource for tree-ring reconstructions of streamflow and climate, providing easy access to reconstruction data as well as information about how the data were developed and can be used.



Extreme Weather & Climate Events

Extreme events cause the majority of societal costs related to weather and climate. They provoke societal responses that can either enhance or detract from long-term adaptation to climate risk. In 2015, WWA began a new research focus on extremes that is designed to place extreme events in the context of historical climate variability and projected climate change.


Colorado River Resources

In the course of conducting research related to the Colorado River, we have gathered many information resources. In many cases these resources are difficult to find elsewhere. More resources will be added by the end of 2012. Currently we have these pages: Resources on Drought and Climate Change, Management and Policy, and the 1922 Compact Transcripts.