Recent Projects

  • 2021 Barker Reservoir in Nederland, CO
    Supporting Resilient Planning Among Regional Water Providers
    This project supports water system resilience through use-inspired research that helps providers prepare for vulnerabilities due to seasonal water supply prediction errors. We will make meaningful advances in the understanding of existing water supply forecast vulnerabilities and identifying realistic potential adaptations for water systems.
  • 2021 Western Water Assessment
    Building resilience to compounding impacts of wildfire and snowpack declines
    Wildfire is a critical vulnerability for water systems in the Intermountain West, particularly those with intakes located in or downstream of forested areas. This project seeks to increase our understanding of the status of water system resilience in the context of changing wildfire risk. It will make key advances by explicitly quantifying the role of fine-scale, spatially distributed snowpack in wildfire risk/resilience under a range of historical precipitation/temperature conditions, as a way to anticipate future wildfire risks under climate change scenarios. The critical advances in scale will support the use of finer land surface/ecological classifications in wildfire risk assessments of future climate projections.
  • 2021 Rural community
    Assessing Current and Future Research Needs Among Frontline Communities in Wyoming
    Carbon-dependent communities are facing increasing economic pressures as fossil fuel industries decline, creating a major societal stressor in these communities. At the same time, they also face worsening climate impacts and other hazards, which can cause increasing vulnerabilities concurrent with decreasing adaptive capacity. This project focuses on small rural communities and tribes in Wyoming, addresses our understanding of adaptation needs in carbon-dependent communities, and explores opportunities for building resilience to compound hazards in our region. This project prioritizes the needs and perspectives of rural and tribal communities to support long-term resilience and build networks for future engagement and planning.
  • 2021 Bryce Canyon in Utah
    Building climate resilience in rural gateway communities
    Gateway and natural amenity region (GNAR) communities are those located outside of significant natural amenities, like national parks, public lands, ski areas, and scenic rivers. These communities are heavily dependent on nearby natural amenities for their economic wellbeing; as a result, they may be particularly hard hit by climate change. In this project, we will leverage the infrastructure and relationships developed by WWA Investigator Danya Rumore’s GNAR Initiative to identify underserved, rural community concerns related to natural hazards and collaboratively develop tools and resources to increase their socio-economic and environmental resilience.
  • 2021 Wasatch Front in Utah
    Usability of medium-range forecasting for water system reliability
    This project aims to build water system resilience by increasing understanding of the impacts of persistent low streamflows on water systems that rely on surface water sources.

Recent Publications

Abolafia-Rosenzweig, R., M. Pan, J.L. Zeng, and B. Livneh (2021). A remotely sensed ensemble to observe the terrestrial water budget over major global river basins, Remote Sensing of Environment, 252, 112191.

Musselman, Keith N., Nans Addor, Julie A. Vano, and Noah P. Molotch (2021). Winter Melt Trends Portend Widespread Declines in Snow Water Resources. Nature Climate Change 11 (5): 418–24.

Keyes, Aislyn (2021). Mobile homes and flood risk: An analysis of flood risk and historical flooding in the Intermountain West and Michigan. Western Water Assessment.   

Pan, Jinmei, M. T. Durand, Z. Courville, B. J. Vander Jagt, N. P. Molotch, S. A. Margulis, E. J. Kim, M. Schneebeli, and C. Mätzler (2021). Evaluation of Stereology for Snow Microstructure Measurement and Microwave Emission Modeling: A Case Study.International Journal of Digital Earth, March, 1–21.

Payton, Elizabeth, Joel Biederman, and Marcos Robles. 2021. “Snowtography: Snowpack & Soil Moisture Monitoring Handbook.” Western Water Assessment, University of Colorado Boulder.   

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