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The WWA Intermountain West Climate Summary (IWCS) provides the latest climate information for Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming in a simple compact document aimed at water managers, planners and policy makers with water-related interests. By improving awareness and understanding about climate data, forecasts, and phenomena, the IWCS facilitates dialogue among potential users, researchers, and operational providers of climate information with the ultimate goal of providing improved climate services.

From 2005 to 2008, the IWCS was produced 8 times per year, as a PDF document. In 2009, the IWCS was changed to a web-based (.html) format, 6 times per year, with the Feature and Focus articles produced as separate PDF documents.

Update - November 15, 2012

The normal release of the IWCS is on hold. We are evaluating whether to continue the IWCS, and if so, in what form. In the meantime, please visit the new Intermountain West Climate Dashboard for up-to-date climate graphics and information for our region.

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