Rocky Mountains–High Plains Climate Dashboard

A collaboration between Western Water Assessment, the North Central Climate Science Center, and the USDA Northern Plains Regional Climate Hub

The Rocky Mountain–High Plains Climate Dashboard provides an array of images for climate, drought, agricultural conditions, and water-supply monitoring that are automatically updated when the original providers update them on their respective websites. The RM-HP Dashboard is focused on these eight states: Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. The RM-HP Dashboard is based on the WWA Intermountain West Climate Dashboard.

Click on any image to view a full-sized version, and click again to reduce it. You can enlarge multiple images at the same time, and click-drag to move them around your desktop. Each image's name is linked to the corresponding page at the provider's website.

See this page for detailed descriptions of most of the Dashboard graphics, or click the above each graphic to see the description of that graphic.


Recent Temperatures and Precipitation

30-day Temp. Anomaly (HPRCC) (updated daily)

30-day Temperature Anomaly - West


7-day Precip as % Avg (HPRCC) (updated daily)

7-day Precipitation Anomaly - West


30-day Precip as % Avg (HPRCC) (updated daily)

30-day Precipitation Anomaly


Water-Year Precip as % Avg (HPRCC) (updated daily)

Water Year Precipitation Anomaly - West


30-day Temperature Anomaly - High Plains

High Plains

7-day Precipitation Anomaly - High Plains

High Plains

30-day Precipitation Anomaly

High Plains

Water Year Precipitation Anomaly - High Plains

High Plains

Current Snowpack and Forecasted Streamflow

Current Basin Snowpack as % Median (NRCS) (updated ~daily)

Western US Snowpack % Median (NRCS)

Current Basin Snowpack as % Average (WRCC) (updated daily)

Western US Snowpack % Average (WRCC)

Spring-Summer Streamflow Forecast (NRCS) (updated monthly, Jan-May only)

Western US Snowpack % Average (WRCC)


Drought Monitoring - USDM & SPI

US Drought Monitor
(NDMC) (updated weekly)

US Drought Monitor(updated weekly)

State Drought Monitors (NDMC) (updated weekly)

3-month Standardized Precip Index (SPI)
(HPRCC) (updated daily)

3-month SPI - WestWest

3-month SPI - High PlainsHigh Plains


Montana Drought MonitorMT North Dakota Drought MonitorND
Wyoming Drought MonitorWY South Dakota Drought MonitorSD
Utah Drought MonitorUT Nebraska Drought MonitorNE
Colorado Drought MonitorCO Kansas Drought MonitorKS
Drought Monitoring - Current Soil Moisture, ETa, and EDDI

VIC estimated Soil Moisture percentiles
(UCLA & U. of Washington)

(updated weekly)

Actual Evapotranspiration (ETa), seasonal cumulative anomaly (USGS) (updated weekly, April-October)

Evaporative Demand Drought Index (EDDI)

(updated daily)

VIC Soil Moisture Percentiles (West region) VIC Soil Moisture Percentiles (Central region) Actual Evapotranspiration (ETa) 2-wk Western US Seasonal Precipitation 4-wk Western US Seasonal Precipitation
8-wk Western US Seasonal Precipitation 3-moWestern US Seasonal Precipitation
6-mo Western US Seasonal Precipitation 12-mo Western US Seasonal Precipitation
Current Streamflow

Current Streamflow (USGS) (updated daily)





Montana Current Streamflow Wyoming Current Streamflow Nebraska Current Streamflow North Dakota Current Streamflow





Utah Current Streamflow Colorado Current Streamflow Kansas Current Streamflow South Dakota Current Streamflow

Missouri Basin

Missouri Basin - Flood & High Flow

Nebraska Current Streamflow Nebraska Current Streamflow

Streamflow: Flood & High Flow:

Weather and Soil Moisture Forecasts (up to 2 weeks)

7-Day Quantitative Precip Forecast (QPF)
(NOAA NCEP) (updated daily)

Day 8-14 (Week 2) Precip Outlooks
(NOAA CPC) (updated daily)

Week 1 Soil Moisture Forecast
(IGES/COLA using NCEP data)(updated daily)


Monthly and Seasonal Forage and Climate Outlooks (up to 5 months)

(USDA Northern Plains Climate Hub & NDMC) (updated biweekly)


Seasonal Drought Outlook
(NOAA CPC) (updated monthly)

Seasonal Drought Forecast


Official Monthly & Seasonal Climate Outlooks
(NOAA CPC) (updated monthly)

1-month precip forecast, 0-mo lead

1-month precip, 0.5-mo lead

3-month precip, 0.5-mo lead

3-month precip, 1.5-mo-lead

1-month temp, 0.5-mo lead

3-month temp, 0.5-mo lead

3-month temp, 1.5-mo lead

ENSO Conditions & Forecasts

Niño Regions Sea Surface Temps, past 12 months
(NOAA CPC) (updated weekly)

ENSO Prediction Plume (forecasts of Niño 3.4 SST)
(IRI) (updated monthly)

ENSO Prediction Plume

Probabilistic ENSO forecast (based on Prediction Plume)

ENSO Prediction Plume