Management and Policy

Reports, studies, and other documents establishing or commenting on the management of the Colorado River and the "Law of the River", or assessing its water supplies in the context of the managed system.


Colorado River Interim Guidelines for Lower Basin Shortages and Coordinated Operations for Lakes Powell and Mead - Final EIS
The 2007 EIS and Record of Decision implementing, until 2026, the preferred alternative among the management strategies developed by Reclamation and the basin states to address Lower Basin shortages and operations of Lake Powell and Lake Mead under low reservoir conditions. WWA researchers contributed to the analyses for Appendix N (Analysis of Hydrologic Variability Sensitivity) and co-authored Appendix U (Climate Technical Work Group Report).

Historic Reports and Documents

Water supplies of the Colorado River (1965)
By Tipton and Kalmbach, a study for the Upper Colorado River Commission.

Report on Problems of Imperial Valley and Vicinity (1922)
A. P. Davis report on the Lower Colorado River basin, US Senate Document 142.

Colorado River and its utilization (1916)
Report by Eugene Clyde La Rue in the USGS Water Supply Papers that discusses the use of Colorado River water in 1916.