Drought and Climate Change

Selected research papers, reports, and other resources which show the current state-of-knowledge and the progress in our understanding of the variability of climate and hydrology in the Colorado River Basin and the potential impacts of future climate change.

Paleoclimatic (Tree-ring) Reconstructions

TreeFlow: Streamflow Reconstructions for the Western U.S.

- Upper Colorado River Basin
- Lower Colorado River Basin

Colorado River Streamflow: A Paleo Perspective

Long-Term Surface-Water Supply and Streamflow Trends in the Upper Colorado River Basin Based on Tree-Ring Analysis (1976) by C.W. Stockton and G.C. Jacoby. The first "modern" tree-ring reconstructions of streamflow in the Upper Colorado River Basin, while superseded by later work, is still a landmark in our understanding of the hydrologic history of the basin.

Observed (Post-1900) Climate and Hydrology

Drivers of Drought in the Upper Colorado River Basin

Website for project by WWA affiliate Connie Woodhouse and others with links to presentations, data and analysis tools, and technical report (2016). Also covers paleoclimate records and future projections for the basin.

Colorado River Basin Water Management: Evaluating and Adjusting to Hydroclimatic Variability, (Executive Summary) The National Academies Press, February 2007
Full Report Available through the National Academies Press

Precipitation History of the Colorado Plateau Region, 1900-2000 (2002). Fact Sheet published by the USGS.


Future Projections of Streamflow and Climate - Most Recent

WWA Climate Change in Colorado Report
(2014) - Section 5-3 discusses projected hydrologic changes in the Colorado River Basin.