Climate Adaptation Databases

One of the key roles of WWA is to connect decision makers and stakeholders with the information resources they need in order to meet the challenges posed by climate variability and climate change. Since 2010, WWA has conducted three projects in which a searchable online database was developed to collect and serve up information resources related to different aspects of climate vulnerability, impacts, and adaptation. The first resource below focuses on impacts and adaptation in the recreation, water, and agriculture sectors; the second, on adaptation at the state level across all sectors; and the third, on the needs of native communities.

Socioeconomic Climate Impacts Database

Socioeconomic Climate Impacts databaseWWA’s Socioeconomic Climate Impacts database is a publicly accessible and searchable collection of peer and non-peer reviewed articles, reports, websites, and presentations about the socioeconomic impacts of and adaptations to climate variability and change, focused on the WWA region (Colorado, Utah and Wyoming). Given stakeholder interest in the topic, special emphasis has been placed on information relevant to the outdoor recreation sector, although water and agriculture-related documents are also included.

This database was completed as part of WWA’s Socioeconomic Impacts and Adaptation Strategies Clearinghouse project. Contact Bobbie Klein for more information.


Native Communities and Climate Change

Native Communities and Climate ChangeThe Native Communities and Climate Change online resource provides a centralized, searchable database of relevant documents and other data related to tribal climate change awareness, collaboration, education, and response strategies.

This database is part of a broader project, developed by WWA along with the University of Colorado Law School and the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS), that seeks to provide resources for climate change adaptation and natural resource planning by American Indian tribes as well as to provide useful information to organizations and agencies working with Indian tribes on these issues. Contact Karen Cozzetto for more information.


Stakeholder Climate Needs Document List

Stakeholder Climate Needs Document ListThe Stakeholder Climate Needs Document List provides various reports, workshop summaries, presentations, white papers and other publications related to stakeholders climate related needs in the WWA region (Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming). Documents emerged from several sectors in the region, including water management, recreation/tourism, agriculture, natural resources/wildlife, and tribal concerns. Some documents were general and covered more than one sector; these were classified as representing "multiple" sectors.