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Research Projects

WWA, like the other programs in the NOAA RISA network, conducts interdisciplinary research to better understand the decision context for climate-sensitive resources and improve the use of climate information in planning and decision making. The WWA team brings many expertises--in climatology, hydrology, ecology, social sciences, and law--to grapple with research questions of interest to stakeholders, who often serve as collaborators on projects.

Since 1999, WWA has conducted dozens of research projects. Most are one or two years in length. Besides outcomes such as reports, peer-reviewed journal articles, and workshops, the success of these projects is also expressed in the active engagement with stakeholders, which often continues after the end of the project.

Descriptions of current research projects

List of completed research projects

Core Activities

WWA has several long-term research activities which leverage the findings of the research projects, to improve climate literacy and the use of climate information. These "core activities" include the WWA speakers' bureau, the Intermountain West Climate Summary, and engagement with the National Climate Assessment.