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Recent mentions of WWA research, or quotes by WWA researchers, in local and national media:

2021 News

July 22, 2021

"Colorado Flash Flood History: More Than 530 Deaths Documented Since 1864"
CBS News Denver


July 22, 2021

"Colorado Arrives at the Dawn of Megafires, Part Two"
Pagosa Daily Post


July 13, 2021

"The era of megafires: An East Troublesome-like fire seems inevitable for Colorado’s resort communities"
Summit Daily


July 2, 2021

"Drier Springs Bring Hotter Summers in the Withering Southwest"
Inside Climate News


April 23, 2021

"How an infrastructure bill can help rural communities in the West"
Deseret News


April 12, 2021

"In The West, Signs In The Snow Warn That A 20-Year Drought Will Persist And Intensify"


April 9, 2021

"In the West, Signs in the Snow Warn That a 20-Year Drought Will Persist and Intensify"
Inside Climate News


April 4, 2021

"Auburn University researcher, team present new methods of drought forecasting"


April 2, 2021

"Colorado’s Snowpack Was Almost Normal This Winter, But It May Not Be Enough Water For The Year"
CPR News


March 31, 2021

"Snowmakers Prove That Sometimes, You Can Fool Mother Nature in Colorado"


March 30, 2021

"Research on soil moisture aims to improve irrigation models"


March 26, 2021

"Soil-moisture monitoring station in Roaring Fork Valley completes local water-research network"
The Aspen Times


February 8, 2021

"Climate change ravaged the West last year and 2021 could be worse"
Salt Lake Tribune


January 28, 2021

"Are there rivers beyond the Colorado?"
Mountain Town News


2020 News

November 6, 2020

"The high cost of climate change is already straining the budgets of Colorado towns"
The Colorado Sun


October 30, 2020

"Degrees of warming: How a hotter, thirstier atmosphere wreaks havoc on water supplies in Pitkin County"
Aspen Journalism


October 25, 2020

"As Colorado wildfires burn, fears that climate change is causing “multi-level emergency” mount"
The Denver Post


October 9, 2020

"Aspen water users meet Stage 2 cutback goals, cutting use by 20% since Sept. 1"
The Aspen Times


October 3, 2020

"Boulder County is among nearly 40% of the state experiencing severe drought; communities look at ways to adapt to a drier climate"
The Daily Camera

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Recent Spotlights

In the NewsWWA's Jeff Lukas and NOAA ESRL scientist Kelly Mahoney were part of a team that produced new understanding and decision support tools for the changing risk of extreme precipitation and its impact on dam safety in our region. The team has just won the 2019 Governor’s Award for High Impact Research! This effort was part of a larger project sponsored by the Colorado Division of Water Resources and the New Mexico Office of the State Engineer to update decades-old probable maximum precipitation (PMP) estimates using modern technical methods and current scientific understanding. Lukas and Mahoney worked with CIRES scientist Michael Mueller to take stock of the state of the science and practice in PMP estimation with respect to climate change. The resulting synthesis report, Considering Climate Change in the Estimation of Extreme Precipitation for Dam Safety, was released in December 2018 and is included as Volume VI of the final Colorado-New Mexico Regional Extreme Precipitation Study report. 

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