WWA's formal research efforts are extended and leveraged through outreach and research integration, which involves presentations, transfers of expertise (“tech support”), training, and other activities. These broader activities complement the focused and in-depth engagement with stakeholders and research partners that takes place during research projects.

WWA 'Speakers Bureau'

WWA staff and researchers speak at dozens of stakeholder events throughout our region every year. These presentations can focus on specific WWA research findings, or more generally cover climate vulnerabilities facing the region. To request a speaker, please contact wwa@colorado.edu.

WWA 'Tech Support'

Because of WWA’s reputation for delivering useful climate guidance, especially with respect to the use of climate change projections in impacts modeling, we are frequently invited to contribute to scoping, analysis, and/or expert review for planning tools, studies, and reports. These “technical support” efforts are critical for successful engagement with stakeholders and the transfer of knowledge from the research community to users. Through such efforts we have contributed to recent outputs by the Bureau of Reclamation, the Colorado Water Conservation Board, and the USDA Forest Service.

Intermountain West Climate Dashboard

From 2005 to 2012, WWA produced the Intermountain West Climate Summary (IWCS) to provide the latest climate information for Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming in a simple compact digest. In fall 2012, we evolved the IWCS into the Intermountain West Climate Dashboard, a self-updating array of 29 climate and water graphics that is supplemented by a monthly text briefing. This allows stakeholders one-stop access to the most timely and relevant climate and water information for the region.

Support for the National Climate Assessment

WWA researchers have contributed to the periodic reports from the National Climate Assessment (NCA), including a signficant contribution to the 3rd NCA report released in spring 2014. Ten WWA researchers have served as authors for the Southwest Region Technical Input report, and two on the Great Plains Region Technical Input report. WWA researcher Averyt is a lead author for the energy-water-land cross-sectoral chapter at the national level.