Mountain Pine Beetle Science Symposium
Impacts on the Hydrologic Cycle and Water Quality: What Have We Learned?

April 25, 2011 - Boulder, CO


The WWA's 2nd annual science symposium explored the water-related impacts of mountain pine beetle infestations in the Rocky Mountain West. This symposium is brought together researchers in Colorado and elsewhere in the Rocky Mountain West studying the direct and indirect impacts of mountain pine beetle infestations on the hydrologic cycle and water quality in the region. We heard updates from research that was presented at the April 2010 symposium as well as presentations on new projects.

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Abstracts for all presentations

Agenda - with selected presentations available for download


Eric Gordon and Jeff Lukas

The need for hydrological, climatological and geological scientists to engage in place-based forest collaborative efforts
Jessica Clement
Colorado Forest Restoration Institute, Colorado State University

Stand Characteristics and Fuel Loading Changes that may impact hydrologic processes
Post MPB-fuel loadings likely to impact post-fire tree regeneration: Possible impacts of beetle-fire interactions on water supply

Brian Buma and Kristen Pelz

Effects of mountain pine beetle on tree species and size structure 20-30 years after outbreak
Kristen Pelz

Post-Disturbance Forest Dynamics: Implications for Watershed Responses to Colorado’s Bark Beetle Outbreak
Chuck Rhoades, Rob Hubbard, Kelly Elder, Byron Collins, Paula Fornwalt and Michael Battaglia

Observations and Modeling of Hydrologic Processes Impacted by MPB Mortality
A Conceptual Model of Water Quantity Impacts from Insect-Induced Tree Death in Coniferous Forests

Eric Gordon and Evan Pugh

Water yield monitoring and modeling at ski areas to inform vegetation management decisions in beetle-affected watersheds on the White River National Forest
Justin K Anderson, Mark Weinhold, Polly Hays

Quantifying the Effects of Large-Scale Vegetation Change on Coupled Water, Carbon and Nutrient Cycles: BeetleKill in Western Montane Forest
D. Gochis, E. Gutmann, T. Duhl, P. Brooks, A. Harpold, J. Beiderman, E. Pendall, B. Ewers, D. Reed, F. Whitehouse, J. Hicke, S. Edburg, A. Meddens, J. Frank, W. Massman, N. Molotch, S. Burns

Quantifying the effects of tree dieoff from mountain pine beetles on hydrologic partitioning at the catchment-scale
Adrian A. Harpold, Paul D. Brooks, Joel A. Biederman, Andrew Somor, Peter Troch, David Gochis, Ethan Gutmann, Holly Barnard, David Reed, Elise Pendall, and Brent Ewers

Modeling Ecohydrologic Impacts of Mountain Pine Beetle Infestation
D. Gochis, E. Gutmann, P. Brooks, A. Harpold, J. Beiderman, E. Pendall, B. Ewers, D. Reed, F. Whitehouse, J. Hicke, S. Edburg, A. Meddens, J. Frank, W. Massman, N. Molotch, S. Burns

Linking water cycling impacts to energy storage changes
David Reed, Brent Ewers, Faith Whitehouse, Elise Pendall, Urszula Norton, Robert Kelly

Does knowledge of tree species' physiology improve predictive understanding of bark beetle impacts on carbon, nutrient and water cycling of subalpine forests?
Faith Whitehouse, Brent Ewers, David Reed, Elise Pendall

Evapotranspiration response of a high elevation Rocky Mountain (Wyoming, USA) forest to a bark beetle epidemic
John Frank, William J. Massman and Brent Ewers


Impacts of beetle-kill and wildland fire on regional water and energy cycles in western North America
Fei Chen, Christine Wiedinmyer, Michael Barlage, Ying Zhang, Jeffery A. Hicke, and Arjan Meddens

Quantifying the combined effects of forest litter and aeolian dust deposition on snow surface albedo
Danielle O. Perrot, Evan T. Pugh, Jeffrey S. Deems, Noah P. Molotch, and Eric. E. Small

The impact of pine beetle infestation on snow accumulation and melt in the headwaters of the Colorado River
Evan T. Pugh and Eric E. Small

Future Research on Understanding Coupled Impacts of Dust and Beetles on Runoff
Jeff Deems, Noah Molotch, and Carol Wessman

Discussion of Hydrology impacts

Water Quality Impacts
Biogeochemistry of beetle kill:  explaining a weak nitrate response
Leigh A. Cooper, Charles C. Rhoades, James H. McCutchan,Jr., David W. Clow, Thomas M. Detmer, Jennifer S. Briggs, John D. Stednick, Rachel M. Ertz, and William M. Lewis, Jr.

Mountain Pine Beetle Impacts on Soil Moisture Conditions and Metal Leaching Potential in the Vadose Zone
Joseph F. Wiley, John E. McCray, Thomas Wildeman, Jonathan O. Sharp

Effects of Mountain Pine Beetle induced tree mortality on soil and water chemistry in Rocky Mountain National Park
David Clow, U.S. Geological Survey

Discussion of Water Quality impacts