Workshops & Events

A key element of WWA's program is to engage directly with stakeholders to provide usable information about climate-related risks. We do that both by presenting our own events for stakeholders and by participating other stakeholder meetings, workshops, and conferences.

Subcommittee on Sedimentation Webinar Series

Subcommittee on Sedimentation, a subgroup of the Federal Advisory Committee on Water Information (ACWI).

2017 AGU Meeting

The 2017 Fall American Geophysical Union Meeting will take place in New Orleans, Louisiana. View a list of WWA Team Members attending the meeting this year.

WWA Workshops

Since 1999, WWA has held or co-sponsored over 30 stakeholder workshops, most of them all-day, focusing on climate-related risks and impacts to water resource management and other sectors. The WWA Workshops page has a list of past workshops and any upcoming workshops, and links to presentations and other documents from those workshops.

WWA Webinars

In spring 2012, we began a series of occasional webinars to convey the results of WWA research projects to a larger audience than would be able to participate in-person. The WWA Webinars page lists upcoming and past webinars, with links to video files.

CIRES Calendar

Our parent institute, CIRES, maintains a calendar of upcoming events that are sponsored by CIRES and its programs, including WWA, or by CIRES-affiliated departments at the University of Colorado. Note that only some of these events are related to climate and water.