Nolan Doesken

  • Colorado Climate Center, Colorado State University

    Nolan Doesken

    Founder of CoCoRaHS, Nolan Doesken is the Director at the Fort Collins Weather Station and Senior Research Associate for the Colorado Climate Center. Nolan is the Colorado State Climatologist and was President of the AASC (American Association of State Climatologists) from 2008-2010. He was born and raised in central Illinois, and it was in this rural setting that he developed a keen interest in weather. Before moving to Colorado to work with the Colorado State University, he studied Atmospheric Science at the University of Michigan and University of Illinois.

    Nolan works to monitor, investigate, describe and explain patterns, variations, extremes and trends in weather and climate at first in Colorado, but now all across North America. In 1997, a severe flash flood resulted in the deaths of five people near the CSU campus, an event which led to a new focus for him. Ever since, Nolan has been working with CoCoRaHS to educate and empower citizens to be more prepared for extreme weather and climate.


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