Ken Nowak

  • U.S. Bureau of Reclamation

    Ken Nowak

    Kenneth Nowak became a member of R&D as Water Availability Research Coordinator in 2016. Ken’s responsibilities broadly relate to the nexus of climate science and water management. This includes coordination of internal and external research relevant to climate, hydrology, and water management/planning; training to build internal Reclamation climate capacity; and external collaboration on related topics.


  • Nowak, K., J. Prairie, B. Rajagopalan, and U. Lall (2010). A nonparametric stochastic approach for multisite disaggregation of annual to daily streamflow. Water Resources Research, 46: W08529.   

  • Barsugli, J., K. Nowak, B. Rajagopalan, J. Prairie, and B. Harding (2009). Comment on “When Will Lake Mead go Dry?” by T. P. Barnett and D. W. Pierce. Water Resources Research, 45, W09601.   

  • Rajagopalan, B., K. Nowak, J. Prairie, M. Hoerling, B. Harding, J. Barsugli, A. Ray, and B. Udall (2009). Water Supply Risk on the Colorado River: Can Management Mitigate? Water Resources Research, 45, W08201,   doi:10.1029/2008WR007652

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