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"Water in the Western US" Course Relaunched on Coursera

The free online course “Water in the Western U.S.," which was originally offered by the University of Colorado in 2015, has been relaunched on Coursera with a new course introduction and updated video lectures. The primary instructors are Eric Gordon (formerly with WWA) and Anne Gold (CIRES Outreach and Education), with contributions from over a dozen subject-matter experts at universities and water agencies. The first three modules of the course provide an overview of the geography, climate, and hydrology of the West, and the historical and legal context for water and water use, while the last two modules look at the Colorado River Basin as a case study, and examine several contentious water issues.

Once you are registered with Coursera, the five modules of the Water in the Western U.S. course can be completed at any time. Learn More.