2016 WWA Stakeholder Meeting

Monday, October 24, 2016
8:30 am - 3:30 pm

- Share results from recently completed WWA projects and progress of ongoing WWA projects
- Share other recently released climate tools and products that might be useful
- Get your input on emerging climate-related challenges and information needs

Agenda | Recorded Webcast | Presentation Slides


Resources discussed during the meeting:

Upper Colorado River Basin Water Forum, Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction
- Nov. 2-3, 2016

2015 WWA Snowpack Monitoring Workshops

NIDIS - National Integrated Drought Information System and Intermountain West Drought Early Warning System (IMW DEWS)


EDDI - Evaporative Demand Drought Indicator

Climate adaptation decision models


Extremes and Climate Risk Management


Water Resource Monitor & Outlook (WRMO)


Mapping Climate Services in the Western U.S.


Tools and Resources - the sticky-dot exercise




Background Information: WWA 2015 Annual Report to NOAA (PDF)

Institute for Behavioral Sciences, Room 155A, CU Boulder Campus

Parking instructions will be sent to registrants.

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